CMRRC Members 2016

2016 Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The members of the committee are listed alphabetically by their last names. Last updated on 11/20/2016.

Ms. Elizabeth A Bard,
Associate Provost, Office of Enrollment Services and Academic Administration

Ms. Kimberlyn L Blann, BS,
Director of Outreach, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Amber N Booth, BA,
Senior Diversity Specialist, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. TsungYen Chen, MD,
Staff, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Cesar M Compadre, PhD,
Professor, College of Pharmacy

Dr. David L Davies, PhD,
Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Developmental Sciences, College of Medicine

Ms. Phyllis A Fields, MEd,
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Health Professions

Dr. Schwanda K Flowers, PharmD,
Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Betholyn F Gentry, PhD,
Professor, Audiology and Speech Pathology, College of Health Professions

Ms. Sharon R Glover,
Program Manager, Myeloma Institute

Dr. Thomas J Kelly, PhD,
Associate Professor, Pathology Research, College of Medicine

Dr. Brooke E Montgomery, PhD, MPH,
Assistant Professor, Health Behavior Health Education, College of Public Health

Mr. Nicholas A Pettus, BBA,
Senior Diversity Specialist, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Michael A Preston, PhD, MPH,
Director of Health Policy and Faculty Diversity, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Mickey C Quattlebaum,
Director of Faculty Services, Human Resources

Ms. Larronda M Rainey, MNSc, RN,
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

Ms. Sylvia C “Carmelita” Smith, MEd,
Manager for Diversity, Human Resources

Dr. Kristen M Sterba, PhD,
Associate Dean, Graduate School

Ms. Candace J Ruffin, BA,
Executive Administrative Assistant, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Billy R Thomas, MD, MPH,
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Odette B Woods, JD, MDiv,
Senior Director, Center for Diversity Affairs