APHS Application Part 2

Please fill this form out with proper English grammar and without using all-caps.

  • Student Information

    This information will be used to match with Part 1 of the APHS Application.
  • Please make sure it matches with Part 1 of the Application exactly.
  • Please make sure it matches with Part 1 of the Application exactly.
  • ACT/SAT Information

  • Have you taken the real ACT/SAT before?
    (The one you sit at a testing center for 4-5 hours on a Saturday and with a maximum score of 36 for the ACT or 1600 for the SAT)
    • 1. If you have had taken the real ACT before, please include the following date and scores for every ACT that you have taken: "MM/YYYY, Composite: English/Math/Reading/Science (Writing)"; for example, "06/2016, 25: 23/27/26/24 (9)"
    • 2. If you have taken the real SAT before, please include the following date and scores: "MM/YYYY, Critical Reading/Math (Writing)"; for example: "09/2016 660/690 (670)"
  • Student Experiences

  • Please list your activities outside of the classroom and experiences shadowing professionals, if any. Briefly explain if necessary.
  • Please list the awards, honors, and recognition that you have received. Briefly explain if necessary.
  • If you have participated in any program or event with the Center for Diversity Affairs in the past, please list them here and include the year; for example: "HPREP Conference 2016"
  • Within 300 words, please tell us what problem would you like to solve in the world today?
    1. 1. Tell us why this problem is important to you.
    2. 2. Describe how you are going to solve this problem.
    3. 3. What are some of your experience or skillset that would help you in devising the plan?
    4. 4. With the above in mind, tell us what you would like to get out of this program.
  • By clicking "Submit", you agree that:

    • 1. Both the student and parent(s) have read the program description and agreed to its content and rules, and
    • 2. The information provided in this application is both complete and accurate.