APHS Letter Writer’s Guide

Thank you very much for taking your time to help us assess the potential participants to the Academy of Pre-Health Scholars (APHS) program sponsored by the Center for Diversity Affairs (CDA) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences!

Starting for the 2017 program, the CDA will be transitioning to all-electronic submission for the letters of recommendation, which can be located here. In order to gain access to the recommendation form, please send a message to Ms. Blann, Director of Outreach Programs, at blannkimberlynl@uams.edu for the passcode. Also, please send your message through your school-assigned email address so we can verify your position as an instructor.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Blann as well. She can be reached via phone at (501) 686-7358 or email at blannkimberlynl@uams.edu.

Again, thank you very much for you assistance and input regarding the personal characteristics of our 2017 APHS participants.