CMRRC Members 2019

2019 Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The members of the committee are listed alphabetically by their last names. Last updated on 1/24/2019.

Ms. Kimberlyn L Blann, BS,
Director of Outreach, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Amber N Booth, BA,
Senior Diversity Specialist, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Jeanne McLachlin, PhD

Director of Admissions and Recruitment, College of Medicine

Dr. Cesar M Compadre, PhD,
Professor, College of Pharmacy

Dr. David L Davies, PhD,
Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Developmental Sciences, College of Medicine

Ms. Phyllis A Fields, MEd,
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Health Professions

Dr. Lanita White, PharmD,
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Betholyn F Gentry, PhD,
Professor, Audiology and Speech Pathology, College of Health Professions

Ms. Sharon R Glover,
Program Manager, Myeloma Institute

Dr. Thomas J Kelly, PhD,
Associate Professor, Pathology Research, College of Medicine

Dr. Brooke E Montgomery, PhD, MPH,
Assistant Professor, Health Behavior Health Education, College of Public Health

Mr. Nicholas A Pettus, BBA,
Senior Diversity Specialist, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Michael A Preston, PhD, MPH,
Director of Health Policy and Faculty Diversity, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Mickey C Quattlebaum,
Director of Faculty Services, Human Resources

Ms. Larronda M Rainey, MNSc, RN,
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

Ms. Sylvia C “Carmelita” Smith, MEd,
Manager for Diversity, Human Resources

Dr. Kristen M Sterba, PhD,
Associate Dean, Graduate School

Dr. Chi-jen Jean Chen,

Assistant Director of Inst Studies, AA Institutional Research

Dr. Billy R Thomas, MD, MPH,
Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Center for Diversity Affairs

Ms. Odette B Woods, JD, MDiv,
Senior Director, Center for Diversity Affairs

Dr. Antino Allen, PhD,

Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy

Ms. Sara Rudolph Pollard

Domestic Violence Project Coordinator, AA ACCARDV Administration

Dr. Jasna Vuk, PhD,

Associate Professor, Academic Affairs

Dr. Austin Porter, DrPH, MPH,

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

Ms. Valerie Camper

HR Senior Consultan, Office of Human Resources

Ms. Susan Leon, CPA,

Associate Dean of Administration, College of Public Health

Mr. Clinton Everhart, Ed.D.,

Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Ms. Ava Coleman

Recruiting Specialist, College of Nursing

Dr. Leonie DeClerk, DNP, APRN,

Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing

Ms. Veronica Guydon

Revenue Specialist, ICE

Ms. Nadine Ledet

Registrar, Academic Affairs

Dr. Rosemary Nabaweesi, DrPH, MBChB, MPH

Assistant Professor, College of Medicine

Dr. Sara Tariq, MD, FACP,

Professor, College of Medicine