2016 UAMS Diversity Award Nominees and Winners Announced

News | September 12, 2016


The nominees and winners of the 2016 UAMS Diversity and Inclusion Awards were revealed today during the State of Diversity at UAMS address. This year has been the most competitive year, in terms of the volume of nominations received by the award committee, since the establishment of the award. In fact, a second round of voting had to be called due to a tie in a category.

Annually, all UAMS faculty, staff, and students have a chance to be nominated for this award by their colleagues, friends, and/or supervisors, based on their contributions in diversifying the campus and the community. This year, the award committee received a total of 24 nominations:

Faculty Category

  • 9 faculty nominations with 7 unique faculty
  • Winner: M. Kathryn (Kate) Stewart, M.D., M.P.H., College of Public Health (received 2 nominations)
  • Nominees:
    • Janet Cathey, M.D., College of Medicine
    • Cesar M. Compadre, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy
    • Beatrice Boateng, Ph.D., Translational Research Institute
    • Larronda Rainey, M.N.Sc., R.N., College of Nursing
    • Kristen M. Sterba, Ph.D., Graduate School
    • Antiño R. Allen, Ph.D., College of Pharmacy (received 2 nominations)

Staff Category

  • 6 staff nominations
  • Winner: Sheila A. Robinson, A.P.N., B.S.N., College of Medicine
  • Nominees:
    • George Hankins-Hull, Dip.Th., Th.M., Pastoral Care
    • Patty L. Summons, College of Medicine
    • Elizabeth A. Bard, Academic Affairs
    • LaShannia (Shan) Y. Houston, Campus Environmental Services
    • Mark A. Leonard, Information Technology

Student Category

  • 9 student nominations
  • Winner: Trevor Johnson, College of Medicine
  • Nominees:
    • LaTasha Moore, College of Public Health
    • Salil S. Joshi, College of Public Health
    • Clarice Montgomery, College of Pharmacy
    • Amanda J. Compadre, College of Medicine
    • Johnasha Stuart, Graduate School
    • Fabiola C. Obregon, College of Medicine
    • Rose Cooper, Graduate School
    • Quinton Palmer, College of Medicine

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Diversitas-Exclusive Slideshow:

In case you missed the award presentation or would like a rerun of the award slideshow, please click on the following attachment (graciously provided by Odette B. Woods, J.D.):