2019 Intentionally Inclusive Challenge

Intentionally Inclusive Challenge


The Chancellor’s Diversity Committee invites you to participate in our “Intentionally Inclusive” Challenge. As a part of our 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration, we want to encourage all of UAMS to make an intentional effort to be inclusive.  The winners of the challenge will receive the “Chancellor’s Diversity Committee 2019 Unity Award”. The winning departments will be announced at the 2019 Martin Luther King Celebration, Jan 24, 2019. The event will be in IDW Auditorium 226, 12:00pm-1:30pm. We will begin serving lunch at 11:30am.


Two or more departments/institutions/official student groups must combine to complete the following.

  • Must have at least (1) social event with combined departments. It can be anything from combining holiday potluck to an after-work event. (sky is the limit) Minimum of 45% participation from both teams to meet criteria.
  • Must complete a service activity together. (examples and ideas attached)
  • The department(s) must answer the attached questions. The group will only submit one (1) set of answers. All submissions are due by Jan 22, 2019 to Amber Booth-McCoy anbooth@uams.edu
    • Your submission must include:
      • Documentation of both the service, and social event. This includes a summary of the event, pictures, and percentage of participation from each department.
      • Completed questions and answers   

MLK Celebration update

For questions please contact: Amber Booth-McCoy, 501-686-8675, anbooth@uams.edu