Embracing Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Pam White
Senior Human Resources Director of Talent Management & Incentive Compensation

The culture of UAMS is interesting. We have more than 80 countries represented at UAMS! Our culture reminds me of past days spent at Zale Lipshy University Hospital in Dallas with a family member. Their diversity was apparent as caregivers from different nationalities hurried about treating patients. And just as they do here, patients from all over the world came to be treated at Zale Lipshy. There are many brilliant people from different cultures working at UAMS. Our patients depend on each of us to deliver excellent service when they arrive.

Comprised of five colleges that have their different strategic objectives, not to mention the hospital and the graduate school, UAMS is diverse in the numerous activities we touch on a daily basis. There are divisions and departments that have their agendas, leaders that have their opinions on what should be at the top of the list (myself included), and employees that have their ideas on how business should be conducted. So not only are we different in how we look and speak; we are diverse in how we practice and segregate ourselves in business.

Our differences are truly a unique depiction of who we are. We should be proud of UAMS as an institution and our individual areas. At the same time, we should acknowledge and appreciate our peers for their worth to the university. We are all important to the mission of improving the health and health care of Arkansans. In addition to our differences, we should also acknowledge our common traits.

Most UAMS employees want to do their jobs well. We try to model the university’s core values: integrity, respect, diversity, teamwork, creativity, and excellence. I think most of us feel that we make a difference in patient satisfaction even if we do not work at the bedside of a patient.

The passion that we share for the institution of UAMS brings inclusiveness to each college, division, department, leader, and employee. When that passion is exercised for the good of the organization, we are certain to meet any objective. Personally, I am delighted to be part of the UAMS team.

As we continue our journey of excellence, we have the opportunity to integrate our talents throughout the organization to forge uncharted territory. It will be interesting to see what UAMS looks like a decade from now. Will we have truly embraced diversity and inclusion, becoming stronger for having done so? I plan to be around to find out.